UFC 168: Chris Weidman ends Anderson Silva’s Career in the 2nd Round


(be patient as the video loads… you’ll want to see it)

Chris Weidman stays undefeated after ending Anderson Silva’s career in the 2nd round of the Main Event at UFC 168: Weidman vs Silva 2.

Weidman had dominated Silva in the 1st round with a take down and some vicious ground and pound. The 2nd round started with the 2 circling each other and Silva landed a successful inside leg kick. Unfortunately, Silva’s second try at an inside leg kick resulted in Weidman checking it and ending Silva’s career.

Take -aways from this fight:

1. Don’t leg kick if you have skinny legs
2. I’ve never seen anyone lose a fight and their career at the same time in the UFC until now.

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