Open Grave

Movie Review


This movie is a generic teen-slasher that tries to pass itself off as a zombie film: idiots stuck at a cabin in a woods with unknown killer. Zzzzzz…

Like many other reviews, I agree that the script is horrible. With several meaningless plot twists, shallow characters, and erratic dialogue, it feels like a child penned this boring and simplistic script.

There’s a particular reason why no self-respecting distributor picked up this film – its ridiculous, incoherent, and horrible.

Just check out it’s Wikipedia page – it cost $10 million to make and made only $4.4 million at the box office = sad. I could have made a better film for 1/10th the cost.

The biggest waste is that the production and special effects wasn’t too bad. Even some of the acting is believable. However, I couldn’t help but keep looking at my watch to see when this atrocity of a movie would end.

My final assessment: two-stars

Complete waste of production and talent… not to mention my time watching this trash. A the bare minimum, the cinematography was decent.

Open Grave starring Sharlto Copley. Released by Tribeca Film. Budget: $10 million. Box Office results: $4.4 million.

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