Star Wars Movies Ranked Best to Worst

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By popular demand, I’m providing my list of Star Wars movies ranked from Best to Worst:

  1. Empire Strikes Back – this movie had it all: the introduction of Yoda, Jedi Training, the light-saber battle of good vs evil, the loss of Han Solo, and one of the most epic movie twists of all time.
  2. Return of the Jedi – A very good conclusion to the first trilogy, but I’m still not a fan of how Vader just easily dispatches the emperor. Regardless of how many fans quip about how a primitive force of cuddly bears can defeat the Empire, this was a fantastically disguised machine for merchandising.
  3. A New Hope – the movie that started it all; its original concepts in addition to its incredible cast and production despite its relatively low budget set a new standard for sci-fi movies.
  4. Revenge of the Sith – probably the only thing worth watching is the last thirty minutes of the movie with the duel between Kenobi and Skywalker in addition to the Emperor’s duel with Yoda.
  5. Phantom Menance – there was so, so much hype around this movie. Again, the only thing worth watching is the “Duel of Fates” at the end of the movie.
  6. Attack of the Clones – the forced interaction and scenes of intimacy between Natalie Portman and Hayden Christenson are just so painful to watch. The only thing worth watching in this movie was the final battle scene, although I’m disgusted about how they simply got rid of Jango Fett.
  7. Clone Wars – the CGI animated movie which was a kickoff to the animated series; you don’t need to see it. It was relatively interesting, but not important enough to be of any value to the Star Wars franchise.
  8. The Force Awakens – even I got fooled into the hype of this movie. But I should’ve known better with Disney. This was a complete ripoff of A New Hope. If you want a better movie, just go watch that one.
  9. The Last Jedi – didn’t think they were going 2-for-2, but apparently Disney is just going to ripoff the rest of the Star Wars movies. Complete disappointment. The main plot line makes no sense. There are plot holes all over the movie (why not just fly ships through other ships in hyperspace mode all the time)? The characters go through almost no development and the franchise is now purging all of the old characters that were important. What a waste.
  10. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story – don’t bother with this movie. The entire premise is based on a line from A New Hope. The movie is so arbitrary and ambiguous, that it needed a subtitle explaining that its “A Star Wars Story.”

At this point, I really have no hopes or expectations on the Han Solo movie or the next installment of Disney’s version of Star Wars movies.

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