PS4’s Price And Policies Humiliate Microsoft’s Xbox One At E3

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For the past few years, people have accused E3 of becoming a rather dull affair. Companies show their games, fans support whoever they’re most loyal to, and journalists are forced to give press conferences silly report card grades. Rinse and repeat.

But not this year. In over a decade of watching E3 events, I’ve honestly never seen one company completely and utterly destroy a competitor like what happened between Sony and Microsoft. It may sound like hyperbole, but what took place over the course of the day will send shockwaves through this entire next console generation. Sony is now simply in a position to dominate Microsoft when both the Playstation 4 and the Xbox One launch side by side this year. They weren’t content to merely watch Microsoft stumble, rather this was a targeted effort to directly humiliate their competition in a way that’s seldom been seen in this market before.

Watch the full Sony PS4 Conference from E3 here:
(fast forward to 1:56:36 to see the announcement and reaction from the crowd)

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