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Alright, since I’ve been asked so many times about which Laptop manufacture are the best, I’ve decided to post the Rankings on my blog. So here it is:

Best Quality Laptop Manufacture Rankings:

1. Apple – although they don’t compete in terms of volume to other manufactures, Apple makes it by providing top-notch customer service, superior products that have high resell value and everlasting quality.
– Bigggest Cons: Really expensive merchandise for mediocre value, support for older devices utterly disappear after new devices are released.

2. Sony – they sell even less computers than Apple, but their products are solid. So solid that many developers avoid Sony because of the over-restrictive software bundle that is installed on their machines.
– Biggest Con: Over-restricting software bundle installed on their machines.

3. HP – unless you’re poverty-stricken, stay away from their “entry-level” budget machines. Most of it’s garbage. In fact, many of the Best Buy employees call their budget machines “disposable computers.” In contrast, HP’s mid-level to high-end are actually pretty good for the price you pay.
-Biggest Cons: Hit-and-miss quality on mid to high-end computers; “disposable” entry-level machines.

4. Asus – the former motherboard makers are quickly becoming a Computer-making powerhouse. Their machines are modern, sleek, reliable, and very reasonably priced compared to the options they give you.
-Biggest Cons: Relatively new computer manufacturer, has customer support issues.

5. Samsung Really solid machines with sexy aesthetics. Unfortunately, Samsung is still learning how to put computers together – just entering in to the computer marketplace within the last 3 years. However, their other electronics (mobile phones, tablets, TVs) are fantastic.
– Biggest Con: A newbie in computer manufacturing.

6. Toshiba – Solid machines, great prices, great value. Unfortunately their support is non-existent and their machines have a tradition of dying after 1 to 2 years.
-Biggest Cons: Inconsistent quality per laptop models. Short life of computers.

7. Acer – Acer’s come a long way in the marketplace. Their laptops and desktops continue to improve in quality while remaining very cheaply priced. Still, their products have a stigma of poor quality that many consumers still believe.
– Biggest Cons: Questionable warranty, negative stigma of ownership.

8. Dell – a very close call between Dell and Gateway. Because Dell has been churning out crap laptops in the last 2 years, they’ve really lost a lot of market to all their competitors.
– Biggest Cons: Garbage laptops (entry to high-end level), computer support is horrible.

9. Gateway once a  manufacturing giant, Gateway has become a ghost of its former self. Their lack of innovation with mediocre products has degraded Gateway’s value. Also, their support  is horrid.
– Biggest Cons: Mediocre value of machines, ugly and non-functional aesthetics.

10. eMachines – imagine throwing all the lowest quality components in a box and shaking it up… ta-da! You get an eMachine. Only offered in Walmarts because no conscious, self-respecting consumer would buy one.
-Biggest Cons: Everything.

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